And much more
ENGAGE has been pioneering inclusive sports practices in Nepal by partnering with more than 64 young adults living with disabilities involved in nine wheelchair basketball teams (3 female, 6 male) out of which 3 were established with the active support of ENGAGE. In line with the philosophy of ENGAGE that always acts as enabler, facilitator and catalyst, these teams are now totally managed by the players while critical support was provided to other teams that were facing a crisis because a lack of coaches had discouraged the players from training regularly.

All this was possible, thanks to the recruitment training and mobilization, between 2014 and 2015, of 14 ENGAGE Sport Coaches members serving for more than 1444 hours of volunteering sports coaching, out of which seven are currently serving. ENGAGE recently induce 14 new ENGAGE Sport Coaches that started their service at the end of November 2016.

Last but not the least ENGAGE also boosts a long tradition of supporting the learning achievements of young adults with visual impairments with 47 of them at high secondary or university level benefiting of more than 1523 hours of service provided by ENGAGE volunteers. These days, we offer this support only on demand basis and we are not running any more a structured volunteering supported program.