ENGAGE promotes empowerment and inclusion for youth living with disabilities through volunteerism and service. We help building new relationships, changing societys attitudes by developing new skills and competencies and promoting advocacy actions.

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Changing lives through Wheelchair Basketball

Disabled in Nepal, including quake victims, find sports activities as therapeutic

Simone's article in The Kathmandu Post, 5 April 2015 on the occasion of International day of Sport for Peace and Development

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Simo's open ed published on The Kathmandu Post, 1st of March, 2015



ENGAGE is a not-for-profit organization promoting social inclusion in Nepal.

We work with youths with disabilities, supporting their empowerment process through a flexible, tailored made approach. To achieve our goals, we build partnerships with other members of the society, especially youths without disabilities.

ENGAGE works for but most importantly with youth living with disabilities to make the society more inclusive through volunteering by:


The Problem

Youths and Young adults living with disabilities live at the margins of society. They are deprived of access to a quality education and equal opportunities to find a job. As a consequence, they end up unemployed, unable to contribute to their families and development of the country.

The Solution

ENGAGE has created a blended approach for youths and young adults living with disabilities to get EMPOWERED and gain ROLE within the society.


We kick start a pathway for change, involving them through sport playing, building their skills, connecting them with opportunities in the job market and helping them creating their businesses. We call this ENGAGE Empowers Program.

We proactively use volunteerism, awareness making to achieve our goals.

All this is demand based, a youth or young adult with disabilities can pick and choose to be involved or build her skills or to be connected or to create a new venture or do all this together.

Our desired Impact

Young Adults living with disabilities are independent and become self -confident leaders of a more inclusive society.

Our Vision

Youths and young adults with disabilities, are recognized and acknowledged for their achievements and unique contributions to the development of a more inclusive, fair and prosperous for all society

Our Mission

Partner with youths and young adults with disabilities towards a lifelong path of personal and professional achievements and recognition.

Our Target Group

We partner with youths and young adults aged 16 to 40 years old with physical disabilities.

At the same time we value the work done with youths and young adults living without disabilities, aged 17 to 25 years whose involvement is indispensible to lay the foundations of a more inclusive society.

  • Build relationships to make youth living with disabilities active in the society
  • Inspire youth living with disabilities to volunteer and serve

By volunteering and serving and getting involved in grassroots advocacy, youth living with disabilities can become LEADERS

ENGAGE promotes volunteering and service experiences that enhance leadership and self-confidence pathway for youth living with disabilities through Sport, Leadership and Learning experiences embedded with grassroots advocacy.

Stories from ENGAGE


Handicap International Nepal established the Inclusion in Emergency Technical Unit (ITU) to support emergency actors in the definition and implementation of inclusive practices within their projects to improve access to services through providing bilateral technical support to humanitarian actors, to ensure access to assistance by tailoring their response according to the needs of the vulnerable persons, ensuring their safety, dignity and protection. Specific needs must be addressed and interventions should be adapted to ensure the Inclusion of the most vulnerable persons.

ENGAGE is one of the active partner of Handicap International dedicated to adopted its intervention to ensure inclusion in emergency. Handicap International is supporting ENGAGE in order to build the capacity of their staff and volunteers to better understand and adhere to the inclusion approach, their knowledge about vulnerability and inclusion as well as their attitudes towards vulnerable persons has to be analysed and reinforced, Initial assessment of the level of inclusiveness of the ENGAGE and definition of TORs, Technical support for the definition of the vulnerability criteria and the identification of vulnerable persons and access to services through strong referral and follow up system, specific technical trainings Technical support adapted to the ENGAGE interventions and monitoring and capitalization of tools and guidelines and inclusion checklist per their intervention.



C4F against the Quakes

Creating new sport playing, volunteering and leadership opportunities for persons who became disable due to earthquake

Coaching4Fun, C4F is the flagship program of ENGAGE that partner with youths living with disabilities through sport playing, volunteering and leadership development. By getting involved in a sport team and by working on their personal and professional goals, youths living with disabilities are encouraged not only to volunteer but also to lead in their communities.

About C4F against the Quakes
To create wheelchair basketball teams of those people who became disabled after the earthquake. Sport is a good form of therapy to be mentally and physically fit and also to enhance the social skills. Therefore, ENGAGE will enroll them in sport and leadership program where they will receive the support of ENGAGE Sport Coaches for developing the technical skills on wheelchair basketball and ENGAGE Talent Coaches, ETCs to support their personal and professional development.

Outcome 1: Youths living with disabilities, affected by the earthquakes, physiologically and physically healthy, have enhanced their social skills and have built new relationships.
Output 1.1 Outreach activities are carried out for those youths living with disabilities affected by the quakes.
Output 1.2: Sport teams are created. Output 1.3: ENGAGE Volunteers (ENGAGE Sport Coaches and ENGAGE Talent Coaches) are recruited and deployed for service.
Creating team involves several activities that must be carried out which includes mapping of areas, identification of players, sensitizations and awareness about the benefits of joining a sport playing based program, identifying the courts, agreement with local schools/colleges for the courts, identifying the sport coaches/volunteers and start of the training and signing of a commitment letter, the Code of Conduct.

Outcome 2 Youths living with disabilities have developed skills and abilities to succeed in life.
Output 2.1: Players have initiated their self-development process
Output 2.2: Awareness related activities and micro campaigning are implemented
Support the players (person became disabled after earthquake) in self development process and support them to carry out micro campaign to advocate for a more inclusive society By playing on a team and the players are supported in reaching her/his personal or professional goals with the help of ENGAGE Talent Coaches, all young professionals with at least 2 years of working experience. Throughout this process, a youth living with disabilities acquires new skills and abilities, developing personal and leadership qualities, learning new ways to face and overcome life challenges.

On one hand, in order to achieve systematic change at societal level, ENGAGE will, visit schools to deliver lectures/orientation on inclusion and on the other hand, it will support each team in planning micro campaigns to advocate and lobby local authorities, business community for a more inclusive society.

The ultimate goal of this program is to create an inclusive society. This program empowers and strengthens the capabilities of PWDs in the long run. Both ENGAGE Sport Coaches and ENGAGE Talent Coaches are open for youths living with disabilities, showing how disabilities are not a barrier to volunteering.

We believe this is an innovative program designed to encourage youths with disabilities to empower themselves through sports based volunteering and leadership, allowing them the opportunity to demonstrate that they can be active and productive members of society rather than just passive recipients of assistance.


March 16, 2015
Playing is important, battling with your heart and soul for a win is also important but there is also more…this is what Coaching4Fun is trying to achieve in partnership with its players.

We have already talked about our ENGAGE Corps members and how they made the difference by helping organizing the wheelchair basketball tournament on 13th of June. What we did not share yet was the amazing achievements of the Jawalakhel team.

The team won the second place in the tournament and battled against the Army team in the final game. It was not an easy game, the first quarter was the one where the team could not really play the way it normally plays and this made the difference. The other quarters went much better for the Jawalakhel Team as it grew in confidence and started believing more in itself. Though the game became more even, the team could not make up for the first quarter and the Army team deserved the win at the end. Winning or losing is not really what counts most at Coaching4Fun. What is important is to have fun and always try our best. This is what the Jawalakhel Team did and we are proud of them. At the same time playing is not enough.

For this reason, we are also starting working with the Jawalakhel Team players on their Personalized Development Plan, PDP where each player will have the opportunity to work on their personal and professional goals. Soon we will start working with our new ENGAGE Talent Coaches that will help the players reaching their goals. As Talent Coaches, our volunteers, all super smart young professional will support the players who chose to undertake the PDP in assessing their skills, in understanding where they are now and see where they want to aim for the future.

It is exciting thinking how our players can really think about what they want to achieve in life and see how they can get there. One important disclaimer here: ENGAGE does not assume that all players are in need of this kind of support. Quite the opposite, some of the players could themselves be ENGAGE Talent Coaches, why not? On the same line, we are proactively looking for players who can become ENGAGE Sport Coaches, coaching other teams.

This is ENGAGE’s main message: EVERYBODY CAN SERVE. So why not having a player supporting another player in reaching his or her personal and professional goals? Volunteering can offer a great opportunity for youths living with disabilities to prove themselves and the society that they can make the difference too. This is the reason why we came up with our Pyramid of Change: 1) Playing and working at personal and professional level, 2) Volunteering and 3) Leading Check out here to know more about the pyramid http://engage.org.np/about/engage-pyramid-of-change.php

Exciting times ahead...
Congrats to Jawalakhel Team


June 13, 2015
Once again our ENGAGE Corps members made the difference and no one should be surprised that it is happening more and more often nowadays.

Would you imagine organizing a one day wheelchair basketball competition, including refereeing, coaching, score posting and organizing the awards ceremony? This is exactly what our ENGAGE Corps can do, pretty easily I would say. It is not a really a big deal, at least for them.

This is what happened on 13th of June when a one day wheelchair basketball tournament at Bhanimandal, Lalitpur was organized.

It was an incredible day with a pretty good crowd, all amazed and probably surprised by the skills displayed by the players from four male and two female teams active within the Kathmandu Valley.

The day started pretty early. At exactly 9am the first match was already going on with at least 70 persons watching. The space around the court is pretty small, there are no benches, and spectators have to enjoy the matches standing from the streets. How can we say? Making a virtue of necessity? Instead of waiting for the ideal conditions, we always try our best with whatever means are available.

It was the first of a long series of games that would culminate in the final game between the Army and Jāwalākhel teams.

Our Corps were already super active. Binet was busy refereeing with the support of Kushal while Utkrist was taking pictures and doing video recording. Dhiraj was coaching the Jāwalākhel team, the team that he basically co-founded when he started being an ENGAGE Corps more than two years ago. Bikram was carefully watching the matches and studying the teams. At the same time Swechhya, a soon to be Corps, was super busy with keeping all the stats and scoring.

As said at the beginning, it is not the first time that ENGAGE Corps members played such an active role in these kinds of events but at all times I am always amazed by their passion. The example is the tournament itself. ENGAGE was not directly involved in its organization but at any event of this type, the ENGAGE Corps members are always there. They have become indispensible.

Oftentimes what our Corps members do goes well beyond our expectations. As Corps members all have a duty description, they all sign a Code of Conduct and they have a commitment with ENGAGE and their team. For this reason, they all undergo a pretty strict screening at the moment of selection. We can clearly say that being an ENGAGE Corps member is not a job for everybody. Yet what our Corps were doing that Saturday was going well beyond their standard duties and responsibilities.

By looking at them, I would say that ENGAGE has succeeded in one of its major goals: embed the spirit of volunteerism and solidarity in the lives of young Nepal citizens. Of course our mission goes well beyond this as we are trying our best to empower youths living with disabilities through sport playing, volunteerism and leadership development. It is a very long term and ambitious goal, not as tangible as, for example, building a school, but we dare to say that it is for sure very powerful.

Maybe the idea behind our approach is even more powerful than building a structure, no matter how important a school building can be. We are trying to create opportunities for self development for youths living with disabilities and our ENGAGE Corps members play a very important role in this ambitious goal. Through them we establish the first connections between youths living with/without physical disabilities. We try to bridge the gaps, building step by step, long lasting relationships. As I said, this is not all. Our next goal is to inspire the same players to become ENGAGE Corps members themselves.

Binet, Dhiraj, Kushal, Utkrist, Bikram and Swechhya are inspirational examples of committed and most important “engaged” youths. Now the next big challenge for us is to find new ENGAGE Corps showing that every youth can make a difference.

GOOD NEWS: DEVI wants to join KRISHNA as our next ENGAGE Corps Member

March 16, 2015

Do you remember Krishna Chaudhary, the great sport man who wants to become the next ENGAGE Corps by coaching a team of wheelchair players?

Good News as Krishna is not alone. Devi Acharya also expressed her strong desire to become a Corps.

Also in this case, we are talking about a remarkable citizen: Devi is one of the board members of Nepal Spinal Cord Sports Association, a key partner of ENGAGE and she is also Treasurer of the Center for Independent Living, a leading local Not for Profit in the disability sector.

In short Devi has a very busy life, advocating, fund raising and working hard to press the issues related to disabilities. Despite her crazy schedules, Devi loves sports and has been playing basketball since more than 2 years though she admitted that sometimes she could not train as much as she wanted due her official engagements. But Devi loves new challenges and she is really interested to the idea of becoming a coach.

We met Devi last Saturday after an outreach program organized by NSCISA that was followed by a small training delivered by ENGAGE on volunteerism. During the training we talked about volunteerism, what it is, how it works. We highlighted that volunteerism is not a western “construct” but rather western inventions like time banking found inspiration on many grassroots tradition of self help you find in Nepal.

During the training, Simo also mentioned ENGAGE's goal of recruiting new ENGAGE Corps among the current players. As soon as the training was over, Devi approached us and we started talked. By expressing her desire to be part of ENGAGE as ENGAGE Corps, Devi made us super happy.And there is a reason why we were super happy. This year we set a very ambitious goal: FINDING ENGAGE CORPS members, our volunteering coaching program, among persons living with disabilities rather than just relying on persons without disabilities.

So far we have Krishna and Devi and soon we will work with them to plan how we can set up new teams. One option would be to find new youths living with disabilities to form the teams within the Valley of Kathmandu. Another option would be setting up mixed junior teams made by children with and without disabilities.

Very recently during our super leadership training delivered by our Advisor and friend Mike Rosenkrantz, also famous as "Coach Mike", the ENGAGE Team played together with wheelchair users players and it was a great fun, just imaginable. It was so memorable that we decided to play at least once in a month with our friends the players.

Then why not having Krishna and Devi respectively coaching mixed junior teams? The idea is as simple as amazing: bringing children together regardless of their physical appearances or conditions. Together children with disabilities and without disabilities can have great fun but also set a new mindset that will look at disabilities with a different perspective.

This year ENGAGE wants to set up at least one junior mixed team and we need to hurry up in planning everything. As per our forecasts, we believe it takes few months before being able to facilitate the creation of a new team.

You would not believe how much work is behind setting up a team: doing a full mapping and brainstorming exercise; finding the players through awareness creation events in the colleges and schools; visiting schools and college to find youths who want to become ENGAGE Corps Coaches; make sure that everybody who wants to be involved is really serious about that and this implies a very strong selection process, followed by training and capacities building; signing the mandatory Code of Conduct that proves the seriousness of both players and coaches in being involved with ENGAGE; matching the coaches with the teams; start working with players to set their own Personalized Development Pathway where the players embarking in this journey, can achieve and implement their set life and professional goals.

As you can see, a lot of worth while all challenging, it is damned fun and super exciting!!!! We are very confident that professionals like Devi and Krishna can, not only become ENGAGE Corps but also help us setting up the new teams. We will soon meet and work out a detailed “road map” that will bring us to have one new male team and one more female team.

If a youth without disability can coach a team of wheelchair basketball players, why not the opposite? Everything is possible in life.Persons like Devi and Krishna are proving that, day after day. While the society is not inclusive yet, change happens through small incremental steps but do not be confused: having Devi and Krishna as Corps members is not a small incremental step, it is rather a milestone!!!

Big thanks to Devi, we are looking forward to work with you and Krishna to reach new ambitious goals to promote inclusive volunteerism.


ENGAGE believes that out there .... there are many more people like Krishna.

Krishna is one of the top wheelchair basketball player in Nepal. He is one of the leaders of PK Campus Team. It is a great honor for ENGAGE to work with him and his peers at PK Campus. Our Corps find in him great inspiration.

This year we set a very ambitious goal: FINDING ENGAGE CORPS members, our volunteering coaching program, among persons living with disabilities rather than just relying on persons without disabilities.

If a youth without disability can coach a team of wheelchair basketball players, why not the opposite?

Krishna is a normal guy, he has a work, a family and like many of us, he loves sports. . He wants to volunteer, awesome isn'it?

Forget that Krishna is actually not a normal guy, he is a CHAMPION, in the true sense. He just participated in the ASIAN GAMES recently held in Korea. WOW!!!!

The Very next Strong Team (WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL) at PK Campus, Kathmandu.

The Players with mixed (Ladies and Gents) team at Padma Kanya (PK) Campus get trained at least once in a week (mostly on Saturday) from ENGAGE Corps members who are Coaching the teams on Wheelchair Basketball in Kathmandu.

Here we are trying to build relationship in between people without disabilities and people with disabilities together through sports and trying to bring change in mindsets of people regarding the stereotypical concept on Disabilities.